meet the artist



KristineCrane-193I live in Orlando, Florida.  The sunshine fills my soul with joy and being so close to the beach never hurts.  I hope to one day live directly on the beach so that I can feel the ocean breeze on my face and hear the rhythm of the waves in the background.

I have always loved to create.  I never thought of myself as an artist; more of a crafty person. But, oh how I have always loved crafts, a love that was passed down to me from my grandma. She loved crafts and we always did crafts when we were together.  But I have recently realized, if you draw, paint or write; you make art.  And if you make art then you are indeed an artist.

I am a self-taught Media Artist.  I have found a true love for mixed media art because you can do so many different things.  One day you are using acrylics and the next day you are experimenting with watercolors!  There are no rules in mixed media, its a journey, an adventure!   You start off going one way with a certain medium and take a sharp left turn and end up going in a totally new direction. Its fun and exciting. You just keep building, learning new things and adding them to your art pieces.  So far, I have loved every art supply that I have gotten my hands on!

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them!”  ~Walt Disney

I believe that dreams do come true.  My dream is that my art will warm your heart, touch your soul, lift your spirit..  I just have fun doing it, so for that reason alone, I plan to continue to do it for the rest of my life.  My desire is to find the freedom to let go, to be able to express my inner thoughts and feelings artistically; without harsh self judgment.  To keep learning, keep experimenting and never give up.

I believe that happiness comes from within.  Find your happiness.  Find your passion.  I have found mine.

Art will always be a huge part of me, of who I am; and one day, who I was.

From my heart to yours,